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Channel Balers & Two-Ram Balers

Optimized Channel Balers for Efficient Plastic Bottle and Aluminum Can Recycling

Channel baling presses are engineered for peak performance in recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Utilizing advanced technology, these machines deliver unmatched compaction levels, crucial for maximizing recycling efficiency and optimizing transportation.

Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Efficiency

Nordic Recycling Systems introduces cutting-edge channel balers, designed with innovative features to boost recycling productivity. Equipped with pre-press flaps, piston slides, and bottom slides, these balers handle even the most challenging materials, ensuring a smooth and efficient recycling process. The strategic use of pre-compression flaps facilitates material feed into the compression channel, streamlining operations.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Every Requirement

Our product range includes Two-Ram Balers, with options for steel or plastic tying, to accommodate larger, more compact bales. With a variety of tying configurations—such as vertical, horizontal, or cross-tying with steel wire, plastic wire, or polyline yarn—our channel balers are customizable to meet the specific needs of any recycling operation. This flexibility ensures that each customer receives a perfectly suited solution.

Comprehensive Consultation for Optimal Integration

At Nordic Recycling Systems, excellence is our standard. We offer comprehensive consultation services for organizations of all sizes, guiding you to the recycling solution that integrates flawlessly with your current production processes. Our aim is to elevate your recycling efficiency, minimize waste, and foster environmental sustainability.

Reach Out for Leading-Edge Recycling Solutions

Elevate your recycling efforts with Nordic Recycling Systems. For more details on our channel baling presses and specialized consultation services, contact us today. Let’s work together towards a more sustainable future.