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The Air Solution

Air conveying systems for Reverse Vending Machines

Nordic Recycling Systems invented and have patented the use of air conveying systems in deposit system applications such as retail shops and redemption centers. We have for many years used the systems in our industrial applications for sorting and recycling of used beverage containers. In 2021 we delivered the first air conveying system to a retail shop in the norwegian deposit market, shortly followed by several more to the major retail chains in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
The air conveying systems has proved itself to be very effectiv and has more or less revolutionized the shops internal logistics when it comes to handeling of the deposits.

The system can be adapted to any reverse vending machines (RVM) and to almost any buildings. It means that the Reverse vending machine can be moved to an alternative location freeing valuable sales area typically in the entrance of the shop.

So how does the Air Solution for Reverse Vending Machines work?

The deposits is normaly collected in bins inside the reverse vending machine.
Theese bins frequently gets full and the customers have to wait for the emptying. This is time- and labor consuming for the shop personell, and not their favorit activity.
By installing the air conveying system, the reverse vending machine never stops. Instead of filling up the internal bins, the bottles and cans are transsported directly to a more suited storage such as large containers, waste compactors or other suited storage in distances up to 160 m away from the reverse vending machine. Valuable storage space previously used for deposit sacks can now be used for storing of fresh goods. The air conveying system also make sure the bad odor related to reverse vending machines is gone.

In case you wonder if the system is noisy? No it’s not.

Air Solution for Reverse Vending Machines Deposit Systems
An airy solution
“The solution is absolutely great and it’s almost magic how it sucks all the cans and bottles out into the container. We no longer have to handle returns in the stockroom or move all the bags of empties. That saves us a lot of time that we can spend helping the customers in our store instead,”
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