Sorting Plants

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Sorting Plants

Nordic Recycling Systems designs and deliver turn key sorting plants for used beverage containers, typically containers from a deposit system. Single- or mixed streams of different plastic bottles and aluminium cans are separated and fine sorted with a high degree of purity.

We sort fractions like:

  • Clear PET
  • Coloured PET
  • Clear PE
  • Coloured PE
  • PP
  • Ferrous metals
  • non ferrous metals

Our focus is to deliver high quality sorting plants that are cost effective with low life cycle costs, we do things slightly different from others in order to make our customers save money on both total investment and operational costs. As an example, designing a sorting plant with a low footprint you can build smaller, which gives less investments.


Our sorting plants are custom made to fit your needs
Sorting plant

PET and ALU cans​

Project launch in summer 2022
Opened in August 2023
Fully automated
First robot solution for opening of deposit bags
Capacity of 5 tons per hour
5 fractions

Sorting plants view Bjervik
Sorting plant

PET and ALU cans

Sorting of PET & ALU-Cans
Opened in March 2023
Capacity of 3 tons per hour
Sorted into 5 fractions
Excellent sorting quality
Low footprint
Low power consumtion

Sorting plant

Bottle caps, labels and Aluminium

Handover in 2021
Dosing bunker
Air conveying system
Sorting of bottlecaps
Sorting of small fraction aluminium
Baling of small fraktion aluminium


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