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Dewatering solution for PET and CANs saves millions

Nordic Recycling Systems is proud to be the chosen supplier of one of Scandinavia’s largest bottling plants, delivering unparalleled expertise in dewatering technology. With our cutting-edge custom dewatering system, we have transformed the bottling plant’s operations, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Customized Dewatering Solutions

Our innovative system is specifically designed for the unique needs of beverage bottling operations. It features state-of-the-art press units for cans and PET bottles, along with comprehensive pipings, pumps, tanks, and an advanced control system. This fully automatic setup ensures minimal manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency.

Operational Excellence with Automatic Processing

Ease of operation is at the heart of our system. A simple forklift operation feeds bins into the system, where PET bottles and cans are individually compressed. The liquid content is efficiently drained, ensuring that every process step is optimized for maximum productivity.

Smart Monitoring for Timely Management

Each press container and tank is equipped with smart monitoring technology that tracks filling levels. This feature notifies the transport company when it’s time for collection, streamlining logistics and reducing the need for frequent transport.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Our system not only increases recycling efficiency but also significantly contributes to environmental sustainability. Annually, it handles 2.2 million liters of liquid, which is now repurposed for animal feed, demonstrating our commitment to innovative recycling solutions. Furthermore, approximately 300 tonnes of PET and 30 tonnes of aluminum are recycled annually, reducing the need for incineration and minimizing environmental impact.

Reduced Logistics and Lower Costs

With our system, the need for daily transport of filled beverage containers is eliminated. Instead, liquids and containers are collected weekly in a planned and efficient manner, reducing logistical costs and environmental footprint.

Choose Nordic Recycling Systems

Join the revolution in recycling efficiency with Nordic Recycling Systems, where we turn challenges into opportunities. Experience the benefits of our tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed your recycling needs.