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New batch of Minimators for compaction of PET delivered

The Minimator was developed in Scandinavia under scandinavian conditions. Due to the hars winter conditions it has to withstand the load of bottles filled with ice without breaking down. Our northern most machine is place  above the arctic circle in Norway. 

We produce and assemble the Minimators at our own factory in Zealand in Denmark. Our Minimators can be found with customers in Scandinavia as well as inNorth america. We are currently expanding our production to cope with the increased international demand.

At Nordic Recycling Systems, we have collaborated closely with our customers to develop a compactor range specifically tailored for used beverage containers. Our Minimator series comes in various sizes, offering capacities ranging from 500 to 1800 units per minute, with compaction ratios ranging from 1:2 to 1:4. One of its unique features is its gentle compaction process, avoiding the ripping or grinding of aluminum or PET, unlike many other compactors on the market.